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Higher efficiency in production with lightweight igus linear bearing made of solid plastic

Photo by igus GmbH

The motion plastics specialist igus is now demonstrating what plastic can do with its first drylin W linear bearing, which consists entirely of tribo-polymers.

The linear bearing has been specially developed for light linear movements. At only 10 grams, it is ideal for transportable applications; it is quick to assemble, vibration-damping and lubricant-free. Due to the injection moulding process, it is very cost-effective. The injection-moulded design also reduces the weight, which significantly reduces the required drive energy of the linear system.

Durable, lightweight and low-cost: That is the new drylin W linear bearing from igus. It consists entirely of plastic and can therefore be manufactured quickly, easily and cost-effectively using injection moulding. The linear bearing foil and the linear housing are combined in one component, which simplifies handling from the bearing to assembly. In contrast to classic linear bearings, which have a metal housing, up to 84 percent weight can be saved with the all-plastic bearing. The slim 10-gram bearing in size 10 offers a number of advantages, especially for newcomers to linear technology who need a simple linear guide to adjust tabletop devices, cameras, sensors or monitors, for example.

The all-plastic bearing consists of the tribologically optimised high-performance plastic iglidur JB, which makes it lubricant- and maintenance-free, dust- and dirt-resistant as well as durable. The black material is characterised by lowest friction values in dry operation and a very low stick-slip tendency. Even loads of up to 25 Newtons are no problem for the plastic bearing, as shown by tests in the in-house 3,800 square metre laboratory at igus in Cologne. At the same time, the bearing is impact-resistant and robust, elastic and also damping, so that vibrations can be absorbed and diverted.

Cost-effective Econ system in a noble design

The new bearing can be mounted very easily on all drylin W single rails as well as double rails. If the user is looking for an inexpensive linear guide, the clear anodised drylin W aluminium railsWS-CA from igus are the ideal choice. The combination of the two materials – the silver aluminium and the black colour of the bearing – provides users with a complete solution in a simple, elegant design.

For more information, please visit: https://www.igus.de/