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Icotek introduces its new KEL-BES-S 32 split brush plates

Photo by icotek GmbH

With the KEL-BES-S 32 icotek offers an additional new size of its split brush plates for routing cables. The KEL-BES-S 32 is suitable for round holes with a diameter of 32 mm. The cable pass-through is snapped directly into the cut-out or screwed with a locknut, which is included in the shipment.

The divisibility of the system allows for subsequent assembly. Here, the frame is installed around the wires. It is not necessary to disconnect the cables.

The brush seals are suitable for shielding against dust and drafts and provide edge protection and ensure cut-outs are visually appealing. The KEL-BES-S series is perfectly suited for cable entry into switchgear cabinets, switch cabinets and machines.

In addition to the metric cut out sizes M32 and M50, rectangular versions are also available. The KEL-BES-S 32 is available now. Free samples are available directly from icotek.

For more information, please visit https://www.icotek.com.