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IFR report says: industrial robots market still growing rapidly

In 2014 the global market for industrial robots increased by 56%, until 2018 world wide sales of industrial robots will reach 400,000 units (230,000 in 2015) according to the latest report of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). IFR predicts an annual growth of 15% in average nearly doubling revenues in a 4 year period.

global market for industrial robots

The global market for industrial robots will reach 400,000 units in 2018
Source: International Federation of Robotics

As Arturo Baroncelli, Chaiman of IFR points out, “The driving factor for this development is the global competition of industrialized production. With a market share of 64 percent automation processes in the automotive sector and the electrical/electronics industry comprehend the major part in the market “

distribution of industrial robots

In China*s production indusrial robots are still underrepresented indicating huge growth potential
Source: International Federation of Robotics

Seventy percent of the worlds industrial robotic units are installed in the five leading industrial nations namely USA, Germany, Japan, China and South Korea. The Chinese robot market is one of the fastest growing sectors. Despite recent setback in the economy, China still has the highest growth potential. Especially if one looks at the ratio of industrial robots deployed per 10,000 total labor which amounts to only 36 units in todays chinese industry. Compared to South Korea – the trailblazing nation in the application of industrial robots – with a ratio of 478 industrial robots per 10,000 employees followed by Japan with 315 units and Germany with 292 units. It can be assumed that one third of the total supply of industrial robots will be installed in China by 2018.

chinese robot market

The Forecast for the chinese robot market predicts 25% to 30% annual increase
Source: International Federation of Robotics

Another fast growing market will be the USA where a portion of 164 industrial robots per 10,000 total labor indicates a high potential for a further economization of production processes, enabling the country to strengthen the country as an industrial centre and to regain production capacities outsourced in recent years . In 2014 the US market for industrial robots with around 26,000 units increased by 11% representing the third biggest number of total installed units.


Further economization of production in the US market is an ongoing process
Source: International Federation of Robotics

Driven by the very strong automotive industry Germany is by far the European leader in robotics. In 2014 the sales figures increased by around 10% to more than 20,000 units – to date the largest number of sales registered within twelve months. Despite the already very high robotic density existing there, the world’s fifth largest robotics market remains on a path of expansion.


Germany, the lEurpean leader in industrial robotics is still on an expansion path
Source: International Federation of Robotics

Since 2010 major investments into the sector of industrial robots have significantly increased by the automotive industry . In 2014 a new record was set with about 100,000 newly installed robot units –  an increase of 43 percent compared to 2013. This boom has been fuelled by new production capacities in emerging markets and a wave of modernisation sweeping through established auto-making countries. A large proportion of robotics technology in 2014 was purchased by suppliers of electronic components to the automotive industry. These include battery manufacturers and car IT enterprises. In 2014 the electrical/electronics sector likewise posted a new record – sales increased by 34 percent compared to the previous year. The strong demand for industrial robots in the production of consumer electronics, communication equipment as well as computer and medical technology adds up to a total global market share of 21 percent. The wave of digital transformation and automation will continue to drive the triumphant march of industrial robots onwards up to 2018. “Industry 4.0” projects mean that human-robot teams, for example, are on the cusp of a break-through. Simplification of the use of robots will additionally open up the market for new applications. This is equally true of small and medium-sized companies as it is for large corporations in all sectors. Besides the automotive and electronics industries, this development is also being increasingly felt in the metal processing, plastics, food and packaging industries.

annual supply industrial robots

Total annual supply of industrial robots shows asia will grow above average
Source: International Federation of Robotics

According to IFR the total market volume of industrial robotics including services had been almost 30 billion Euros in 2014, it is estimated that by 2018 the total revenues will surpass 50 billion Euros.

For further information please visit: www.ifr.org