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IGM Robotersysteme – flexible compact welding robot solution

Photo by  igm Robotersysteme AG

Photo by igm Robotersysteme AG

Robotic system – Flexible compact installation with robot RTi459 and rotary tilting table

The shown installation combined a total of 10 axes on a very small area: 6 robot axes, one robot swivel base, 1 sensor axis and two manipulator axes.
The coordinated motion of all axes integrated in a complex robotic cell has been demonstrated with a 2-axes-manipulator. The demo workpiece allows the demonstration of complex rake options of the torch to the welding seam, the practical application of the camera rotation axis and the mobility of each robotic arm.

Teach Pendant K6 – Presentation of new series of teach pendants for igm robots

Main feature: 8.4″ touch screen
As a key element of the RTC robot control system, the unique teach pendant K6 enables access to all the functions of the RTC. The lightweight teach pendant includes a 8.4″ touch screen, an USB plug on the back is provided for memory sticks. The heavy-duty joystick is mounted directly on to the teach pendant K6 and allows to move the robot in a quick and simple way.

The control cabinet PC is using Windows 7 embedded and Linux embedded. The transportation of safety process data between relevant devices is realized by the communication layer Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE)


teach pendant with 8.4″ touch screen
integrated USB plug
up to 32 interpolated axes and 4 global axes
Windows 7 embedded and Linux embedded
motor & DSL (encoder) connection by single cable
all servos in one single central control cabinet
Ethernet (K6) and EtherCAT (drives & peripherals)
iRIO igm Robot In-/Output board via EtherCAT
Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE)
robot programs fully compatible to K5 and K4
cabinet power consumption reduced by 30%

iCAM Rotating Axis – Already on duty: Laser camera with sensor axis

The laser camera is used for online monitoring of the weld joint and adaptation of the welding
parameters to the changing geometry of the seam. The joint’s geometry is recognized by a Laser scanner, which has been adapted to the conditions during arc welding. The interface between laser camera and robot controller is realized via Ethernet. The signal is used for online calculation of the trajectories and for adoption of the welding parameters.

The rotation device, integrated in the robot controller as 7th axes, permits the camera to be rotated around the gas nozzle during the welding travel and thus swivelled away from obstructing work parts. Tight radii of 40 mm are now discernible.

Narrow Gap Welding Robot

Cooperation Polysoude – igm: TIG-Narrow Gap welding
Both companies Polysoude and igm Robotersysteme are part of the Global Welding Technologies AG. Other members are Steigerwald Strahltechnik, PTR and Oxytechnik. The concentration of technical competences was demonstrated with the presentation of Polysoude’s Narrow Gap hot wire welding head NG V3-200-OSC mounted on an igm welding robot RTi 496 with rotary tilting table RP2/500di.

For more information, please visit http://www.igm-group.com