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igus: Swiftly position ready-to-install energy chains precisely

Photo by igus GmbH

When machines or systems are idle, production facilities incur valuable time and costs. To simplify the installation of energy chains and reduce assembly time, igus offers pre-assembled systems through the readychain service, including chains, cables, connectors, and more. The unique aspect is that customers receive everything from igus in a one-stop solution. The energy chain is filled, fully assembled with connectors, end-tested, and delivered ready for connection – optionally directly in the installation position. igus has now complemented this service with a new “assembly aid”: the fastpositioner. This simple tool makes handling pre-assembled e-chains even easier.

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence, especially in the operation of machinery and systems. Efficient workflows and innovative solutions that save time and resources are crucial. “This is precisely why we offer our readychain service,” says Markus Hüffel, Product Manager for readychain and readycable at igus. This not only provides customers with a clear advantage in terms of proper work such as cutting, assembling, and testing cables but also reduces assembly time, thereby increasing productivity. Hüffel emphasizes, “We aim to deliver not just a product but a complete solution. We consider the customer’s upstream and downstream processes and actively seek to improve them. Therefore, we have now added a simple tool to our service that offers significant added value: the fastpositioner. It makes the handling and precise positioning of ready-to-connect energy chain systems easier, safer, and faster.” igus delivers readychains, including the fastpositioner, in a pre-set installation position. For the customer, it simply means unpacking, positioning, releasing the fastpositioner – and the e-chain is ready for connection. No additional tools are necessary, and multiple-person handling is not required, optimizing handling during assembly and reducing installation time.

Individual and sustainable solution

“We manufacture the individual components of the fastpositioner using 3D printing, precisely tailored to customer requirements – including custom colors and markings for identification,” emphasizes Markus Hüffel. They can be easily placed between the upper and lower parts of an energy chain and secured with cable ties. Removal after placement is just as easy. Additionally, the material, for example, regenerable, can be recycled. The fastpositioner can also be made from sustainable materials such as cornstarch. The material is robust, lightweight, rust-free, and depending on the source material, compostable.

Complete solution from a single source

The advantage with igus: customers get everything from a single source. Both design and manufacturing take place on-site at igus, allowing for short lead times and fast delivery. The fastpositioner, as the latest addition to the readychain service, serves not only as a handle but also as a fixative, ensuring the chain is always in the optimal installation position. “With this tool, we show our customers that we offer a well-thought-out solution from start to finish,” concludes Hüffel.

For more information, please visit: https://www.igus.de