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KSB to design primary pumps for Terrestrial Energy’s molten salt reactor

The planned Canadian power station with two molten salt reactors
Photo by © Terrestrial Energy Inc.

Canadian KSB Pumps Inc., a subsidiary of the German pump manufacturer KSB SE & Co. KGaA, has been commissioned with designing the primary pumps for a molten salt reactor. The customer is Terrestrial Energy Inc. from Oakville, Canada.

Terrestrial Energy is developer of a nuclear power plant for industrial co-generation that use its proprietary Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®) technology, a Generation IV fission technology. The IMSR is to be equipped with KSB pumps for transporting the molten fuel salt from the graphite core to the primary heat exchangers. The pumps are a key component of IMSR.

KSB is a pump manufacturer based in Frankenthal, Germany and has been a globally leading company in nuclear pump technology for more than 60 years. In addition, KSB is drawing on vast experience in designing and manufacturing recirculation pumps for liquid metal cooled primary circuits.

IMSR technology delivers high-temperature thermal energy and a 50% efficiency improvement in electricity generation making it an ideal technology for industrial co-generation. The IMSR® Plant is designed for modular construction and shorter construction schedules. Its adaptability to industrial needs and cost-competitive energy with zero emissions makes it a powerful tool for corporations and governments to achieve “net zero” targets.

The new development is capable of being an enabling technology for zero-CO₂ hydrogen and ammonia production as well as many other industrial processes that require reliable, cost-competitive zero-emissions heat and power. These are applications to go far beyond simple power generation and extend to global markets including Canada, United Kingdom and United States. On 14 September 2021, Terrestrial Energy Inc. announced that the planned plant will comprise two IMSRs and will have generating capacity of 884 MWth / 390 MWe (net).

For more information, please visit http://www.ksb.com/ksb-en.