The LÄPPLE Group is selling its rotary table division for machine tools and automation systems, which previously operated on the market as FIBRO Rotary Tables, as part of a management buy-out (MBO). Rotary tables are used as swivel axis or axis for positioning and as workpiece carriers in machine tools, but also for assembly applications. Due to the difficult market situation, the FIBRO Rotary Tables business unit had been operating at a loss in recent years, which was shouldered by the LÄPPLE Group.

The transfer of the business unit into an independent company as part of a management buy-out proved to be the most sustainable solution for all parties involved after examining various options. “Improving competitiveness and preserving jobs were the drivers behind this process,” says Stephan Itter, Speaker of the Board of LÄPPLE AG. “Together with management, the works council and the social partners, we have worked out the best possible solution. The sale to internal management ensures continuity and future orientation in equal measure.”

The buyer and from 1st January 2024 on new owner and Managing Director is Dr. Heiko Asum, who has headed up the FIBRO Rotary Tables division since March of this year. Everyone involved sees the fact that he knows the market and the company inside out as a big plus. Not only because he is no stranger to the workforce and business partners, but above all because his in-depth insights mean that he knows the potential that is opening up as a result of the separation from the group. “I firmly believe in a successful future for FIBRO Rotary Tables. The products have a future, and I am convinced that as an independent company outside the group structures, we will be able to operate much more competitively and supply the market more quickly,” says Dr. Heiko Asum, Business Unit Manager of FIBRO Rotary Tables and future Managing Director of FIBRO Rundtische GmbH. “Although the comparatively small business unit currently also benefits from the Group’s infrastructure and services, the costs are too high.”

Both the works councils and IG Metall were involved in the deliberations on the future of the division at an early stage; all the options that the LÄPPLE Group had developed in collaboration with external consultants were put up for discussion. In this way, a common understanding quickly emerged that the MBO was the right way to create a future perspective for the rotary tables.

“The negotiations were tough and there were a number of discussions,” says Christian Thym, head negotiator at IG Metall, summarizing the last few weeks. “However, we were able to agree good solutions and compromises on various points in the interests of the employees – but the most important thing for us was that almost all jobs were retained and the majority of employees were offered the transfer of operations.” 27 employees who cannot be taken on due to restructuring measures will have the opportunity to apply for jobs in other business units of LÄPPLE Group or will be moved to a transfer company. In addition, a new collective agreement has been negotiated with similar conditions to the previous one.

The structure of the MBO shows that the LÄPPLE Group has confidence in the future of FIBRO Rotary Tables. This includes the transfer of the name and the licensing of the brand, but above all the fact that the new FIBRO Rundtische GmbH will start without losses.

The company location of FIBRO Rundtische GmbH will remain in Weinsberg.

FIBRO GmbH and its standard parts division will remain part of the LÄPPLE Group unaffected by these changes and will continue to operate from Haßmersheim.

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