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Compact link arm robot for top-speed assembly and packaging

FANUC ROBOTICS introduces the new compact 6Kg parallel link arm robot – M-3iA

Following closely the introduction of its first lightweight parallel link design robot, the 0.5Kg M-1iA, FANUC Robotics has now launched its larger 6Kg payload version, the M-3iA. Available in 4 or 6 axes configurations, the design provides a compact handling robot solution for machine or system integration.

Photo: FANUC Robotics Europe

Aimed at assembly and packing operations the parallel link structure allows the compact M-3iA to be located safely in confined areas. Its cylindrical work envelope, 0.5 Mtr deep by 1.350 Mtr diameter, is concentric to the robot mounting base always permitting to go the shortest distance and staying clear of peripheral equipment.

Available in a 4 axes configuration as well as 6 axes, all joint motors are positioned well away from the wrist avoiding being exposed to high acceleration and, dependant on application, aggressive materials. All joints and mated components are completely enclosed and sealed to IP67 rating – the wrist is suitable for working in a dust or oil mist environment.

Realizing the importance of this high speed configuration for picking and packaging applications, FANUC Robotics has produced a FOOD and PHARMACEUTICAL version. The FANUC Robotics M-3iA Food robot has a white epoxy finish for harsh material protection which also allows the arm to be disinfected with acid and alkaline fluids, whereas food grade grease completes the specification.

FANUC Robotics has developed a unique approach to applying a three axes wrist to a parallel link design to enable the wrist to accurately maintain positioning even during high-speed motion. The 6 axes robot model the M-3iA has a repeatability of 0.1mm.

The 4 axes model M-6iA/6S has a hollow wrist for routing the gripper hoses through the centre of the gripper avoiding interference, hose breakages and downtime while permitting very fast work piece rotations.
The 6 axes M-3iA/6A is suitable for applications requiring more complex positioning thanks to its ability to pick up components, assemble them at an angle and rotate them – effectively replicating a human operator but at far greater speed, with high repeatability over an indefinite sustained period.

The FANUC Robotics M-3iA is controlled by the intelligent R-30iA controller with integrated functions including iRVision, Robot Link and Collision protection. All that the robot requires to benefit from iRVision is a camera and a cable to connect it to the controller – a housing is provided in the robot body to position a camera above the wrist of the M-3iA.