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The new lightweight robot from KUKA – Curtain up for the LBR iiwa!

At iREX in Tokyo, KUKA is presenting the first lightweight robot for industrial applications
KUKA is opening up a new chapter in the story of robotics and presenting the LBR iiwa – the first lightweight robot for industrial applications: the work assistant of the future is being unveiled at the flagship robotics fair iREX in Tokyo.

LBR iiwa – intelligent industrial work assistant. The new lightweight robot from KUKA is sensitive, compliant, precise and flexible, and is equipped with mechanical systems and drive technology for industrial operation. It makes it possible to automate delicate and complex automation tasks in which the use of robots was previously inconceivable.

lightweight robot

Photo by KUKA Roboter GmbH

Based on the human arm
With 7 axes, the LBR iiwa is based on the human arm and can be operated in position and compliance control. This, combined with the integrated sensor systems, endows the lightweight robot with programmable sensitivity. Its high-performance collision detection function and integrated joint torque sensors in all axes make the LBR iiwa an ideal solution for delicate joining processes and allow the use of simple tools. Its low weight, 7th axis and streamlined design make it ideally suited to confined installation situations and allow easy integration into existing production systems. The LBR iiwa is available with payload capacities of 7 and 14 kilograms. KUKA thus offers the first, and only, lightweight robot with a payload capacity of over 10 kilograms.

The LBR iiwa has opened up a new chapter in human-robot cooperation. It functions as the operator’s “third hand”, thus offering a whole new range of potential applications without the need for safety fencing. Visitors to iREX in Tokyo can see for themselves: the robot is able to act like a spring with different stiffness parameters in different directions. It is thus possible for the robot to work sensitively with programmable forces. KUKA impressively demonstrates the highly responsive collision detection function with a glass full of water placed in the trajectory of the robot. The sensitive lightweight robot detects the glass and leaves it unscathed.

For further information visit www.kukarobotics.com