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Pizzato releases new versions of NG series safety switches

Photo by Pizzato Elettrica s.r.l.

Photo by Pizzato Elettrica s.r.l.

NG series safety switches equipped with RFID technology expand further and now include new versions with integrated buttons, for control and signalling functions.

The new versions allow the customer to wire the buttons inside the switch, through terminal blocks with a PUSH-IN spring connection. There is no need to install dedicated boxes with special buttons anymore and the new device is very compact, of the same size as the standard version. It saves space, simplify the wiring and introduces new functionality.

Customers can combine the new version with control devices and the P-KUBE 2 handle: customers will obtain a robust metal body, compact and configurable, incorporating an RFID safety switch with a pin for the centering of the door, an anti-panic release, an adjustable handle with a lock-out device to be closed with a padlock and a control console.

Different versions of the NG switches with one, two or three buttons are available. Customers can illuminate the buttons in a fast and intuitive way through the internal terminals for the wiring of the LEDs.

In order to meet the various needs of its customers, Pizzato Elettrica provides different configurations and combinations of control and signalling devices: with buttons, signalling lights, emergency buttons, selectors, switching 1NO, 1NC, 1NO+1NC, 2NC contact blocks.

All versions of the NG switches with built-in control devices have an IP65 protection degree.

For more information, please visit http://www.pizzato.com.