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Rittal’s new “RiTherm” design tool offers improved capabilities for climate control planning

Photo by RITTAL GmbH

For a long time now, customers have been able to use the “Therm” software application to plan the climate control for their switchgear. Around 80,000 users worldwide benefit from the app. However, the very high energy efficiency requirements and reliable carbon emissions have greatly altered demand. At SPS, Rittal presented “RiTherm”, a completely new design tool developed based on Eplan Cloud. In the future, it will provide even better cooling and sustainability along the entire value chain and offer many new benefits.

Good climatic conditions are essential in the interior of an enclosure. However, both the electronics and those who operate it need more given the opportunities offered by digitalisation, it needs to be possible to freely plan the most energy-efficient, transparent and individually tailored climate control solutions for enclosures. This is all made possible by the new RiTherm design software, launched on 13 November, just in time for the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg. Embedded in the Eplan Cloud, the software offers the latest handling and completely new planning options.

Integrated energy efficiency calculator

In times of energy shortages and high energy prices, optimisation of climate control design must pay special attention to efficiency. With RiTherm, customers will in the future be provided with an energy efficiency calculator that takes into account the use of the enclosure and the conditions, depending on the climate zone. If individual components can themselves be optimised, the app also indicates a more energy-efficient alternative device. RiTherm also calculates the entire carbon footprint of the potential climate control solution, and does so from delivery to operation.

Calculating the climate control

The software calculates and suggests how the best climate control could look in practice and with which Rittal products, based on the project data for all environmental conditions of the enclosures concerned. Details such as the altitude in metres, which may influence cooling output, are also provided. Moreover, the software also makes a needs-based calculation for suites of bayed enclosures and makes direct recommendations about suitable accessories.

Complete documentation

Subsequently, RiTherm also provides a standard-compliant heat dissipation certificate following the EU Machinery Directive in terms of reliability, and also issues all the necessary product information and approvals as required. The corresponding product lifecycle status is also displayed, as is any possible information on successor products.

Earlier Therm projects can be transferred to RiTherm and further processed there. By the end of the year, the software will be available in a total of 15 languages, thanks to the cloud and the PIM connection with a country-specific portfolio. With all these features, RiTherm provides customers with the best cooling solution quickly and effectively. It means there is nothing to stand in the way of good climate control.

For more information, please visit http://www.rittal.com.