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Sandvik Coromant’s new collet for CoroChuck® 930 maximizes safety against tool extraction

CoroChuck 930 mechanical locking interface between collet and chuck.
Photo by Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant, world leader in tooling and machining solutions, has introduced a new collet for its high precision hydraulic chuck CoroChuck® 930. The new collet is designed specifically for Weldon shanks and features a mechanical locking interface. This can be used to prevent tool pull-out or tool movement when producing high-priced components and/or machining with demanding cutting data.

“One hundred percent protection against tool extraction for Weldon shanks in the manufacture of high value-added components, such as aerospace structural and power transmission components, is of paramount importance in the highly competitive manufacturing industry,” says Mats Backman, Global Product Manager at Sandvik Coromant. “Manufacturing engineers and production managers are under constant pressure to minimize scrap and maximize profitability. These considerations were the driving force behind the development of the new collet”.

The mechanical interlock acts between collet and chuck and between collet and tool shank. When both collet and chuck are locked, maximum extraction protection is provided, allowing productivity to be increased in demanding applications. Other benefits include easy installation into the CoroChuck 930 chuck, whether in slim or HD design. At the same time, the cylindrical clamping of the Weldon shanks ensures high concentricity. The coolant supply through the collet ensures a safe and reliable coolant supply to the tool.

The new solution benefits every manufacturing company looking for trouble-free machining in high performance applications. The high degree of safety against tool extraction or tool movement prevents expensive reworking or even the scrapping of valuable components. Because the projection length of the tool centre also changes when the tool is pulled out, the generation of component features with incorrect dimensions or crash marks can also be successfully prevented.

For test purposes, CoroChuck 930 with the new collet was used for a milling process on a CNC lathe-milling machine. A double worm was manufactured from 42CrMo4 quenched and tempered steel. The cutting data included a spindle speed of 3220 rpm, a feed speed of 1500 mm/min as well as an axial cutting depth (nominal) of 10 mm and a radial cutting depth of 20 mm. Thanks to the mechanical interlock, a stable process was possible without tool extraction.

The new collets are available for all common Weldon shank sizes. The accessories include mounting tools and anchor bolts.

For more information, please visit: https://www.sandvik.coromant.com/