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Are robots about to win the olympic gold medal in skiing?

If people think that robots are going to only take over their jobs in the future, they better think twice, because the robots have even better ideas! They might even get into sports soon, yes, and even take over for instance the Winter Olympics. Imagine athletes having to compete with robots to qualify for the winter Olympic Games. An interesting research in the Department Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics at the Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia,shows that this is very likely and it is no science fiction.

The Skiing Robot is embedded with computerized multi-processor systems in the upper and lower levels.  The upper level controls the navigation and vision, whilst the lower level focuses on stability and joint control when the robot is skiing down snowy slopes towards the finish line.  Everyone can make his view about the videos. In some ways, skiing robots would be challenging human athletes soon.

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