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Solar Sensor solutions for the industry by Sensopart

To meet the rising cost pressures which are part of the manufacturing process for solar cells, SensoPart has developed the vision solar sensor VISOR® V10 Solar. The compact sensor is able to detect the […]

Vision Components: First triangulation sensor with integrated intelligence worldwide

Vision Components introduces the VC nano 3D, an ultra-compact machine vision system that can be freely configured for 3D and 2D inspection tasks, providing a cost-efficient solution for a wide range of […]

Aircrafts parking position on a dime with laser measurement sensor LD-OEM

Saving time and fuel as well as stopping at the gate quickly and safely are the most important benefits offered by the optical aircraft docking systems by FMT Aircraft Gate Support Systems […]

Siemens adds new flow sensors to its Symaro product line

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has expanded its Symaro line of sensors to include new flow sensors and flow switches that guarantee maximum measuring quality in liquid flow applications. New output variants […]

New Optoelectric sensors from Balluff – Red light family with large sensing range

The new sensors from the BOS 50K series form a complete family that includes thru-beam sensors, retroreflective sensors and diffuse sensors with or without background suppression, offering users amazing flexibility in a […]

Cognex Introduces Entry Level Vision System With Autofocus and Integrated Lighting

Cognex Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of machine vision systems, has introduced the In-Sight® 7010, an entry level vision system developed specifically for inspection tasks where vision sensors are too limited and […]

BD|SENSORS – New DM 01 “digital gauge – data logger – calibrator”

Digital gauges are increasingly being used in testing, monitoring and calibration applications, and in qualityprocesses. Thanks to the very latest technology and increasing functionalities, more and more fields of application for the […]

New Light Measurement Sensor LEX-100 by EMX Industries

EMX Industries presents it’s new light measurement sensor LEX-100 Verify the presence and measure the relative light intensity of a wide variety of light sources, such as LEDs, monitors, and lamps. The LEX […]

S300 PA: The New Frontier of MAXI Sensors

Datalogic Automation introduces the new S300 PA series, an advanced line of photoelectric sensors in a MAXI shape. The S300 PA is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications with […]

BD|SENSORS has added a new precision pressure transmitter to its existing range of products.

Designed for a use in food and beverage industry, laboratories and pharmaceutics, the DMP 331 Pi is an improved version of the DMP 331 P and combines proven features with new digital […]

Simply retrofitted reliability – New redundant micropulse transducers from Baluff

The new BTL 7 redundant micropulse transducer is a robust, contact-free, and absolute position measuring system that can be freely configured. Up to three independent measurement sections and three independent electronics modules […]

World’s first Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) true-absolute optical encoder

RESOLUTE™ UHV is the latest ultra-high vacuum compatible readhead from Renishaw, offering true-absolute position feedback, sub-micron accuracy and resolutions to 1 nm for both linear and rotary applications. The new range of […]

Smaller – faster – more accurate. The new miniature F25 contrast sensors from SensoPart

The new contrast sensors in the F 25 series are the fastest of their size on the market. With a switching frequency of 25 kHz and a scanning rate of just 10 […]