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SICK releases its new versatile GR18 sensor

Exceptional reliability, unrivaled versatility, and sophistication in every detail – this is what makes the cylindrical photoelectric sensors in SICK’s GR18 product family stand out from all the rest. Thanks to four […]

CombiLyz conductivity sensor by Baumer ideals for hygienic purposes

Baumer is expanding its CombiSeries to include a new conductivity sensor. CombiLyz is the name of the newest sensor, which was developed primarily for precise analysis and differentiation of media in the […]

Pepperl+Fuchs ultrasonic sensors offers precise measurements despite environmental influences

Ultrasound, sound beyond what humans can hear, has been a part of nature since time immemorial. Mammals such as bats and dolphins use ultrasound to find their way around and catch prey. […]

MLG-2 intelligent automation light grids from SICK offers more robust detection

Reliable and robust sensors for detecting presence, checking for projections, and measuring the height of load carriers and their loads are necessary for ensuring stable and error-free material flows in materials handling […]

SICK AG introduces its new RFID reading gate system

The flow of goods and information not only plays a major role in distribution logistics, but also in returns management. Those who always know exactly where what goods are increase their process […]

Sensirion presents its new LS32-1500 liquid flow sensor

Sensirion AG (Switzerland), the leading manufacturer of digital microsensors, is expanding its range of liquid flow sensors for measuring low flow rates. The new LS32-1500 liquid flow sensor is designed for flow […]

F31K2 inductive dual sensor by Pepperl+Fuchs optimized for outdoor application

The F31K2 inductive dual sensor is the newest product for valve position signaling on valve actuators and rounds off the “open solutions” portfolio. There are only two basic elements to the concept: […]

Olympus unveils the new 27MG Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

Olympus is pleased to announce the release of the 27MG Ultrasonic Thickness Gage that is designed to make accurate measurements from one side on internally corroded or eroded metal pipes or walls. […]

Baumer optimizes its IFBR inductive sensors for hygiene requirements

Baumer has further optimized their IFBR inductive sensors for hygienic applications. The sensor front caps are provided with a new, special plastic that conforms to strict EU regulations. In particular, Eu regulation […]

Sensirion presents CMOSens® liquid flow microsensor

Sensirion now manufactures CMOSens® microsensors for measuring liquid flows. The innovative design enables measurement in the smallest spaces achievable to date. The sensors are available with a glass substrate (LPG10) or a […]

Baumer U500 sensor includes ultrasonic technology for maximum flexibility

The story of the new performance class continues to be written. Baumer U500 sensor now expands the portfolio of NextGen sensors to include ultrasonic technology. The new sensors are identical in design […]

PLL-based crystal oscillators from Epson can support frequency up to 700 MHz

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, “Epson”) introduced a new family of small, accurate, high-frequency differential-output PLL-based crystal oscillators that support frequencies up to 700 MHz. In addition to the SG3225, whose tiny […]

Sensirion has announced joining Atmel’s sensor hub platform ecosystem

Sensirion joins Atmel’s sensor hub platform ecosystem to boost the development of smarter devices in the internet of things and wearables. Sensirion has partnered with leading platform manufacturer Atmel to create an […]