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FLIR Systems introduces Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging

Innovative feature for extremely detail rich thermal images FLIR Systems launches a high technological feature: Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX). This new feature produces an extremely detail rich image. MSX produces better […]

Reliable product marking detection – Imprint checking with VeriSens® vision sensors

With the VeriSens® models ID-110, XF-200 and XC 200, Baumer offers vision sensors which enable reliable detection of faulty imprints to eject affected products from the process chain in time.

World’s fastest standard VGA sensor meets the latest board level camera design

Baumer’s new board level camera MXG03 is equipped with the world’s fastest VGA sensor from CMOSIS, the CMV300, which was specifically developed for the high speed range.

P 26 differential pressure transducer

Intelligent differential pressure transducer with scalable measurement range

Sensitive measurement technology in an innovative housing.   Demands for increased quality in nearly every area of industry have subjected pressure gauges to sophisticated demands as well. These include clean room monitoring and […]


New sensor allows fully automated surface finish measurement on CMMs

Renishaw has added a new probe option for its revolutionary REVO® five-axis measurement system, which for the first time, allows surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within CMM measurement routines. With […]

AVT Bigeye Camera with Active Cooling

AVT Bigeye Cameras with Active Peltier Cooling

Allied Vision Technologies presents a new camera family with integrated Peltier cooling for especially demanding imaging applications. As part of the integration of former VDS Vosskühler camera models into its product palette, […]

infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer combines minimized electronic with innovative LED display

Optris GmbH introduces the new optris CSmicro series from which especially OEM customers will benefit according to the great product potential of these infrared thermometers. The improved price-performance-ratio supports the integration of […]


HN-6060 True multi-sensor 3D metrology system sets new standards for non-contact inspection of complex shapes

Nikon Metrology introduces the HN-6060, a next-generation non-contact inspection system providing the latest in metrology capabilities to improve production process quality and performance. With its advanced laser scanner, 5-axis synchronized hardware control […]

temperature sensor

New, more robust RTD temperature sensor

New sensor from Danfoss combines thin film technology and thermocouples To prolong the life of marine diesel and gas engines, it’s important to monitor and control exhaust gas temperatures – and this […]


Two functions in one and the same encoder

Depending on the type of application, an absolute encoder is often needed for feedback of a position, or an incremental encoder for feedback of a rotary or linear speed. But there are […]


Sensonor announces the SP400, an integrated wireless low-power pressure sensor

The SP400-series is a high accuracy wireless digital absolute pressure sensor. SP400 is a fully calibrated and compensated sensor with an embedded RISC micro controller. It is available in 4 pressure ranges […]

sensors moeller

Eaton’s Moeller expands its product range for sensors

As one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems for electrical engineering and automation, Eaton’s Moeller business is now offering an even more comprehensive product range in the field of sensors. […]