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Sensirion’s SGM70xx standard products receive certification from NMi

Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of microthermal gas meter modules and has recently launched the standard product SGM70xx, which is highly suitable for use in smart gas meters. Up to now, over […]

Sensirion showcased its SHT35 humidity sensor at Sensor+Test 2016

Sensirion, the world’s leading provider of humidity, temperature and flow sensor solutions, is once again taking sensor technology to a new level. At the Sensor+Test 2016 in Nuremberg, the technology pioneer presented […]

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces its new KE4 speed module and monitor

The KE4 speed module and monitor from Pepperl+Fuchs enable safe, simultaneous monitoring of speed and position. The compact solution offers numerous interfaces and protocols for universal use in a range of safety […]

Sensirion introduces protective cover for its selected SHT3x humidity sensors

Sensirion, the world’s leading manufacturer of humidity, temperature and flow sensor solutions, now offers a protective cover for selected humidity sensors of the SHT3x series. The SHT3x protective cover is an optional […]

ifm electronic’s new calorimetric flow meters offer thermal flow measurement with fast response time

ifm electronic’s new calorimetric flow meters for liquids and gases are optimised for water, oils, glycol and air. The devices feature a fast response time and integrated temperature measurement. In the absolute […]

Temperature and relative humidity meter for professional and private use by PCE

A thermo hygrometer is a combined device for temperature and air humidity measurement. It measures the air temperature, e. g. in a greenhouse, and the content of water vapour in the air. […]

PCE Instruments successfully innovates high-quality viscometers for frequent use in multiple industries

Recently, PCE Instruments has made a lot of progress when it comes to offering high-quality viscometers for several purposes. In late 2015, PCE launched their new PCE-RVI 4 which can be purchased […]

Baumer’s new solutions from AlphaProx family help reduce costs and complexity

Thanks to linearized calibration curves and very low standard dispersion rates, the new distance-measuring inductive sensors IR08, IR12 and IR18 from the Baumer AlphaProx family offer easy and reasonably priced analysis of […]

MEGATRON’s new thin film precision resistors offers quiet operations and extreme corrosion resistance

The peak performance values of the new CPH and CPM thin film precision resistors in the SMD series are impressive. With a temperature coefficient of ±1ppm/°C and a resistance tolerance of ±0.01 […]

Sensirion introduces new LD20-series disposable flow liquid sensors

Sensirion AG (Switzerland), the market and innovation leader for digital microsensors, takes the award-winning LD20 design study to the next level: the new disposable liquid flow sensor series is equipped with luer […]

HEITRONICS’s new Infrared Radiation Pyrometer Series optimized for high accuracy in harsh environments

HEITRONICS present the new Infrared Radiation Pyrometer Series CT18 and CT18LL. HEITRONICS Infrared Radiation Pyrometer Series CT18 and CT18LL are specially designed for highest measuring accuracy in temperature determination and -control in […]

Baumer added new models to the AlphaProx family of inductive sensors

With the new models from the AlphaProx family, Baumer has once more confirmed its position as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of measuring inductive sensors. The new sensors in […]

Baumer EFL encoders offer cost-efficiency and excellent signal quality

Precondition for maximum travel convenience is excellent control quality, which in turn is solely ensured by high signal accuracy output by the feedback encoder at the lift motor. Thanks to high-precision mechanics […]