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Sensirion’s new sensor solutions further improve boiler efficiency

Sensirion AG, the leading manufacturer of sensor solutions, extends its expertise in the smart energy market and makes gas boilers more comfortable and environmentally sound. The Swiss manufacturer’s completely calibrated and temperature-compensated […]

SICK’s GMS800 FIDOR ideal for continuous hydrocarbon measurement

The SICK flame ionization detector represents both a compact analyzer and a professional device for continuous hydrocarbon measurement. The GMS800 FIDOR combines rugged design, simple operation, precise measurement, and modern interface technology […]

GLARE Sensor by Sick AG offers better gloss level detection

For Contrast, Color, Luminescence the glossiness is an optical property of objects which cause failures. As a result of this, for most sensors shiny objects are difficult to detect. The GLARE Sensor […]

Baumer’s IFRR and IWRR inductive sensor specially designed for railroad applications

Baumer, the sensor manufacturer, expands its portfolio for the rail industry. With sensors from the IFRR and IWRR family, Baumer is the first company to offer switching and measuring inductive sensors that […]

LumaSense presents its latest innovation in temperature and gas sensors technology

Innovative temperature and gas sensors by LumaSense meet the most stringent customer requirements in the Global Energy, Industrial Materials, and Advanced Technologies markets. Its customized solutions are designed to enable users to […]

SAB Bröckskes continues to introduce new innovations in sensor technology

Apart from simple temperature measurements in various fields of application and industries today, not only temperature changes can be measured and controlled via sensors but also changes of varied materials and systems. […]

New volume light grid from FRAMOS is ideal for logistics applications

All manufacturing industries are currently going through a period of change under the banner of Industry 4.0, many using innovative image processing technologies and systems in the areas of automation, robotics and […]

SICK releases its new versatile GR18 sensor

Exceptional reliability, unrivaled versatility, and sophistication in every detail – this is what makes the cylindrical photoelectric sensors in SICK’s GR18 product family stand out from all the rest. Thanks to four […]

HARTING’s new HCSE offers ideal solution for power supplies applications

The new HCSE (Hall Effect Current Sensors Eco) covers – with just four types – a nominal current range from 100 A to 800 A. The HSCE product family is based on […]

Standex-Meder introduces world smallest high-voltage switch

Standex-Meder Electronics, a leading manufacturer of sensors and magnetic components, announces the release of the world’s smallest high-voltage switch: the KSK-1A35/1 miniature reed switch. At a maximum glass length of 10.5 and […]

Baumer’s new PosCon 3D edge sensor is reliable and easy-to-operate

The innovative optical edge sensor PosCon 3D by Baumer is the most powerful in its class. It reliably will master tasks which used to be up to complex laser measuring systems. In […]

Pepperl+Fuchs’ new LGM Series measuring light grid offers more measuring options

The days of complex single-beam evaluations for standard tasks and cumbersome configuration are over. The new LGM Series measuring light grid is the latest member in the Pepperl+Fuchs family of automation light […]

MLG-2 intelligent automation light grids from SICK offers more robust detection

Reliable and robust sensors for detecting presence, checking for projections, and measuring the height of load carriers and their loads are necessary for ensuring stable and error-free material flows in materials handling […]