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DESMI generating a very satisfactory yearend result for 2022

May 8, 2023, the general assembly approved the yearend result for 2022 for the DESMI Group – a record-high net revenue of DKK 1,880 million and a profit before tax of DKK […]

W. Müller: Quality pays off

Recently W. Müller was able to complete a new project successfully and to the satisfaction of their customer. W. Müller was approached by a customer about problems in his production. He had […]

ENGEL: Faster mould set-up – more efficient production

Increased productivity in injection moulding process translates to lower unit costs, a stronger competitive position, and more profit. To achieve this goal, optimising product changeover times is right at the top of […]

Hennecke GROUP


At the beginning of the new year, Hennecke – the renowned manufacturer of polyurethane processing technology – started producing its new HIGHLINE MK2. The entirely re-developed, high-pressure metering machine is the second […]

ANDRITZ to deliver its FibreFlow Drum pulper to Visy paper mill in Coolaroo, Australia

ANDRITZ will deliver a FibreFlow Drum pulper with a maximum feed capacity of 1,400 t/d, various fiber cleaning equipment, and a spray water treatment system for the production of various board grades. […]

sera successfully completed the downsizing of its PolyLine Flow polymer preparation station

Never change a running system… Yes, sera does it. sera has downsized its PolyLine Flow polymer preparation station. Polymer solutions are used everywhere where sedimentation or flotation of suspended solids in water […]

GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG

The first GEMÜ high purity 3/2-way diaphragm globe valve

With the new GEMÜ C58 iComLine, the Ingelfingen-based technology company GEMÜ has developed its first 3/2-way diaphragm globe valve for ultra-pure applications. It has a supply and two possible outlets. It can […]

Desmi A/S

ROTAN® ED pumps ensure uninterrupted isocyanate handling in PU production

The list of applications for polyurethane (PU) is long, and there are good reasons why the material is in demand. It can be used for cushioning in everything from car seats to […]


67 Pumps for thyssenkrupp Rasselstein

In the fall of 2022, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein’s coating line 13, the most technologically advanced line of its kind, was in operation. The line uses an innovative coating technology – Trivalent Chromium Coating […]

Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH

59 WANGEN pumps for underground wastewater treatment plant in Finland

The growing number of inhabitants in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the treatment of more nutrientrich wastewater required a new wastewater treatment plant to be built with a higher capacity and highquality […]

Grundfos Holding A/S

Grundfos: 200 million possibilities to help homeowners save on energy

Approximately 200 million circulator pumps of varying ages are in need of replacement for more energy efficient versions. Grundfos sees this as 200 million possibilities to save energy and empower societies. Parts […]

EDUR looks forward to bring its innovative multiphase technology to new markets

The EDUR multiphase technology is well established in the process of dissolved air flotation worldwide and has brought significant advantages to the water treatment industry. Transferring those to other applications EDUR has […]

KEBO partners with MHT to bring comprehensive BCT solutions to the market

MHT Mold & Hotrunner Technology AG and KEBO AG have announced a partnership to develop their businesses and provide complete BCT solutions to their customers. MHT, with its registered office in Hochheim-am-Main, […]