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Turck introduces its new HF read/write head featuring integrated multiprotocol Ethernet interface

Fast and reliable: Turck’s HF read/write head with extended temperature range, multiprotocol Ethernet and S2 system redundancy
Photo by Hans Turck GmbH

Turck’s robust multiprotocol Ethernet read/write head starts up in less than 500 ms and operates at temperatures from -40 to +70 °C

Turck’s new HF read/write head with an integrated multiprotocol Ethernet interface adds an efficient solution with unique features in terms of startup time, communication and safety to the existing RFID portfolio.

Super fast and twice as safe thanks to S2 redundancy

With a startup time of less than 500 milliseconds, the TNSLR-Q130-EN is ideal for highly dynamic applications such as tool changes in which every second counts.

Thanks to its multiprotocol interface the device communicates automatically in Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP networks. The integrated S2 system redundancy also enables redundant communication between two controllers in a Profinet network, which provides a considerable safety benefit. Another benefit is the extended temperature range of -40 to +70 °C, which makes the device also useful for use in cold chain logistics – also unique on the market.

User-friendly installation and operation

With its compact dimensions and a large range, Turck’s HF read/write head can be perfectly integrated in plant and machine concepts. The TNSLR RFID functionality and multiprotocol Ethernet interface are combined with QuickConnect capability in one device, thus considerably reducing the effort required for installation and wiring. This provides users in different sectors with an efficient and flexible solution for their read and write requirements – starting with series machine building, transport and handling, to production lines and material handling, right through to fixed and autonomous mobile robotics (AMR).

For more information, please visit http://www.turck.com.