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Turck presents its new ultra-robust HMI series TXF700 platform

Flexible operating and installation concepts are now possible with the IP67 HMIs of the TXF700 series
Photo by Hans Turck GmbH

Turck’s new HMI series enables cabinet-free operating and installation concepts at operating temperatures between -20 and +55 °C

The ultra-robust HMI series TXF700 offers for the first time an complete all-round protection to IP67 for use at temperatures between -20 and +55 °C. The modern HMI platform allows for flexible and slim mounting since, unlike previous solutions, it no longer requires installation in protective housings or control cabinets. The brilliant TFT displays are protected by a glass front and feature a capacitive touch screen, which is multi-touch capable and supports gesture control as known from smartphones or tablets.

IP67 HMIs for Decentralized Automation

With the new HMI/PLC series Turck has further expanded its extensive IP67 portfolio. The devices can be used wherever no particular Ex protection or hygiene requirements apply, particularly in machine and system building, the packaging industry, as well as in the intralogistics, mobile equipment and automobile sectors.

Use as Edge Controller with TX VisuPro

The TXF700 can not only be used for visualization, but can be used if required with Turck’s TX VisuPro also without CODESYS as an IIoT gateway or edge controller. Besides the conventional HMI protocols for connecting to controllers, such as Siemens, Beckhoff or Rockwell, TX VisuPro also supports MQTT or OPC-UA as server and client. The TXF700 HMIs can communicate simultaneously with up to eight protocols. This gateway function therefore also enables data to be exchanged between different controllers or terminal devices.


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Packaging Industry
  • Intralogistics
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Automotive Industry


  • IP67 all-round protection
  • Operating temperature range from -20 to +55 °C
  • Communication of eight protocols in parallel
  • Display sizes from 5″ to 21.5″ with up to 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution

For more information, please visit http://www.turck.com.