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UR+ certified Rollon linear axes for Cobots

Rollon’s UR+-certified linear axes considerably extend the radius of action of Cobots.
Photo by Rollon GmbH

Rollon gives UR robots a leg up, thereby considerably extending their range. The UR+-certified linear axes are perfectly prepared for cooperation with the popular Cobots and take automation to a new level. The all-in-one package “Dahl Linear Move” is fully system integrated with Universal Robots, individually configurable and very easy to use. Never before has it been so easy, fast and economical to combine a Universal Robot with a linear axis.

With the concept of the 7th axis, Rollon has provided for movement in automation. Now Dahl Automation and linear technology specialist Rollon are bringing the popular lightweight robots from Universal Robots into motion with a simple plug-and-play solution. The UR+-certified linear axes of the Robot (closed) and R-Smart (open) series are characterized by high system rigidity, payload, moment control, travel speed and positioning accuracy and are perfectly matched to the various models of Universal Robots in terms of size and performance.

No programming knowledge? No problem.

The Rollon axes are part of the “Dahl Linear Move” all-in-one package consisting of a configurable linear axis (including motor, gear, limit switches and mounting kit), an electronic control cabinet and the “URCap” software component. Commissioning and operation are child’s play: set up, connect and you’re ready to go. Time-consuming axis design, adaptation and programming processes are eliminated. The intuitive UR interface “URCap” guides the user step-by-step through the installation; no special programming knowledge is required. The user can also make changes to the production layout quickly and easily at any time.

Robust linear axes for Cobots

Rollon’s UR+ certified linear axes have a robust structure made of an extruded anodized aluminum profile with a square cross-section. The driving force is transmitted by a steel-reinforced polyurethane toothed belt. The UR robot travels on two parallel profiled rail guides with a total of four carriages that support all loads and moments that occur. The ball-guided systems ensure a high load-bearing capacity and load-bearing capacity and also score points with low-maintenance operation, low noise emission and a long service life.

Absolute precision landing

The Rollon axles can be cut to fit the respective application exactly: By extending the basic version (1 m) in 100 mm steps, the user gets exactly the range he needs for his application. Dynamics are ensured by speeds of up to 4 m/s or 5 m/s and accelerations of up to 50 m/s2, with a repeatability of ±0.05 mm.

Uncomplicated plug-and-play solution

Whether handling, palletizing, machine loading, intralogistics or workstation combinations: With Rollon’s UR+-certified linear axes, users can use their UR robots even more efficiently and flexibly. “Dahl Linear Move” is the result of the successful cooperation between Rollon and Dahl Automation, the first contractual partner of Universal Robots in Germany. The plug-and-play solution is compatible with all UR models of the e-Series (Polyscope version 5.1 or higher) and is now available on the UR+ platform, Universal Robots’ worldwide distribution platform.

For more information, please visit: https://www.rollon.com/GB/en/