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TM Robotics demonstrated its Supata Flexfeeder automated feeding system at Automate 2023

Photo by TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd

TM Robotics, the leading distributor of the renowned industrial robot manufacturer Shibaura Machine, formerly known as Toshiba Machine, demonstrated its state-of-the-art range of industrial robots and automation solutions at the Automate 2023 trade show in Detroit, Michigan, United States, from May 22 to 25, 2023. Attendees were able to visit booth #3239 to meet with the TM Robotics team.

This year’s star attraction from TM Robotics was the Supata Flexfeeder, an automated feeding system developed and manufactured by EPF Elettrotecnica to overcome the limitations of more traditional vibratory feeders. The solution consists of a feeding system, a vision system, a human-machine interface (HMI) control system and an integrated robot from Shibaura Machine.

At the show, the Supata operated with 6-axis robot, the TV1000. The flexible feeding system features advanced artificial intelligence (AI) vision that significantly reduces errors while boosting productivity by 17 to 20 per cent. With unparalleled precision and speed, Supata is ideal for automotive, medical and electronics production lines.

TM Robotics also presented the full Shibaura Machine THE range of SCARA robots. The versatile range caters to various needs, from the compact and lightweight THE400 and THE600 to the larger and more powerful THE800 and THE1000 models. The range is compatible with the new TS5000 Controller and TP5000 Teach Pendant, utilizing TS-Assist software. The THE range is designed to deliver high-performance and reliability at a lower cost than many other comparable robots on the market.

TM Robotics also showcased its comprehensive range of cartesian robots and solutions. Offering one, two, three, or four-axis solutions driven by AC servo-motor technology and fully interpolated, these robots are perfect for handling, pick-and-place and assembly applications. Their actuators range from 50mm to 4,500mm in length and an individual actuator can carry up to 250kg.

Shibaura Machine co-exhibited with ASG at booth #3239. ASG demonstrated the Shibaura Machine TH650A robot in a live screw-feeding presentation, showcasing detection, picking up and accurately placing screws into a designated location — essential tasks in manufacturing and assembly processes.

For more information, please visit http://www.tmrobotics.co.uk.