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Mitsubishi Electric’s new high-speed contact image sensor showcased at VISION 2016

The new high-speed contact image sensor (CIS) offers a compact, distortion-free alternative to line scan cameras. It was featured on the Stemmer Imaging GmbH exhibition at VISION 2016 in Stuttgart and supported […]

AMETEK´s ProMaxion – effective determining of flare gas heat volumes

By January 2019, petroleum refiners will need to comply with new US Environmental Protection Agency flare stack combustion rules that will include additional monitoring and analysis requirements making it necessary for operators […]

Renishaw’s inVia Qontor Raman microscope offers greater analysis efficiency even with complex samples

The new inVia Qontor is Renishaw’s most advanced Raman microscope. Building on the market-leading inVia Reflex, the inVia Qontor adds a new dimension to the performance and ease of use for which […]

Hexagon releases new versions of HP-S-X1 series of compact probes

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released new versions of its HP-S-X1 series of compact probes for tactile scanning. As well as featuring a new bearing system for better joint repeatability, HP-S-X1 range probes […]

PCE Instruments introduces a new industrial borescope PCE-VE 700

Early this year, PCE Instruments launched the new borescope PCE-VE 700 for industrial applications . Their range of borescopes has been wide already and was now expanded by the highly professional and […]

Hexagon expands its non-contact optical measurement range with new BLAZE 600M

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence unveiled BLAZE 600M, the latest addition to its non-contact optical measurement range. Based on Hexagon’s proven white light scanner technology, augmented with new technology and functionality, BLAZE 600M is […]

Renishaw enhanced its Linear diagonal measurement kit with XL-80 laser system

Renishaw showcased a Linear diagonal measurement kit at EMO 2015. Laser diagonal tests can be used to measure diagonal positioning and reversal errors in accordance with B5.54 and ISO 230-6 standards. The […]

Renishaw presents REVO-2 multi-sensor 5-axis measuring head

Renishaw announced the launch of REVO-2, a new improved version of the revolutionary multi-sensor 5-axis measuring head for use on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). REVO-2 and its new CMM controller UCC S5, […]

Comprehensive car safety tests with pco.dimax CS camera

There is a vast range of applications for testing the car safety. Wether it is crash & sledge testing, hyper velocity impact studies or airbag behavior analysis the pco.dimax CS high speed camera […]

MAZeT’s new MTCS-C3 Colorimeter allows better color testing applications

The new MTCS-C3 product family enables users to implement their own True Color Colorimeter into lighting, backlight, LED tests, color selection or other applications. The MTCS-C3 is ideal to measure color coordinates […]

Moog’s customized simulation table helps XinDeBao successfully test its exhaust pipes

Wuxi XinDeBao has recently completed a successful flex coupling durability test program with a new simulation table specifically designed by Moog to handle smaller payloads of up to 100 kg. The Hydraulic […]

HEIDENHAIN’s METRO 1281 MW offers high accuracy destruction-free measurements

Destruction-free, non-tactile measuring principles are common, but these mostly optical measuring methods cannot match the precision of tactile encoders with photoelectric scanning. The great challenge is the development of a measuring device […]

Veritas uses Moog Electric Simulation Table for its fluid tank testing

Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc. was selected by Veritas AG, a global leader in the production of fluid systems, molding parts and thermo systems for the automotive industry, to […]