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Hexagon Metrology Announces Revolutionary “PC-DMIS Touch” Measurement Software

All New User Interface Leverages Multi-Touch Gestures to Enhance the User Experience Hexagon Metrology today introduced PC-DMIS Touch, a revolutionary measurement software for portable arm and DCC CMMs. Utilizing high-resolution Multi-Touch display […]

JUMO AQUIS touch P – a compact multichannel measuring device for liquid analysis

JUMO, the measuring and control specialist, is expanding its AQUIS touch series with a compact multichannel measuring device especially designed to be mounted on panels. This one device allows the user to […]

FARO TrackArm – new and improved technology for the most versatile portable 3D measurement system

FARO Technologies, the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement technology, today released the next generation of TrackArm technology. The FARO TrackArm is the most versatile portable 3D measurement system available. It […]

3D measuring technology for positioning & edge detection in assembly processes

Sensor for web-supported robot guidance opens up a whole new dimension in precision and ruggedness Tasks in production lines are becoming more and more complex. Different product variants are manufactured on a […]

CNC Video Measuring System NEXIV VMZ-R4540 by Nikon

Nikon Corporation has recently released the CNC Video Measuring System NEXIV VMZ-R4540, which is capable of accurately measuring the dimensions and shapes of high density and multi-layered electronic components. Utilizing optical measuring […]

TMM 600 – 3D coordinate measuring machine

Schneider Messtechnik, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of multi-sensor measuring machines and projectors, has approached the development of the newly launched TMM product series from a whole new way of thinking: […]

Maintaining quality with FARO’s digital modelling and laser measurement technology

Protean Electric has a 90-strong team working to bring to the market an in-wheel electric drive system in which motor, inverter and mechanical brake system are all packaged inside the wheel assembly. […]