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Advantech releases new industrial Mini-ITX motherboard optimized for high-end applications

Advantech, a leading embedded computing solution provider, announced the release of its new high-end industrial Mini-ITX motherboard line. AIMB-242 is based on the Intel® QM170/CM236 chipset and the latest 6th generation Intel® […]

Beckhoff’s new EL6861 EtherCAT Terminal features support for BACnet MS/TP

In addition to BACnet/IP, Beckhoff now also supports BACnet MS/TP (Master Slave/Token Passing) with the EL6861 EtherCAT Terminal. This serial interface can be used to directly control and monitor BACnet-compatible field devices, […]

Rittal’s Balanced Cloud Centre optimised for resource-intensive tasks in HPC applications

Sophisticated simulations and renderings require powerful IT resources – either on site, or from the cloud. For these high performance computing (HPC) applications, Rittal offers mobile, standardised, and turn-key on- or off-premises […]

Rockwell Automation’s new FactoryTalk View software offers further increase in operator’s productivity

HMI SCADA design has traditionally been a lengthy and error-prone task, while the result limited operator visibility to only what had been preprogrammed into the application. In today’s era of smart manufacturing, […]

Murrelektronik develops new products designed for highest requirements for hygienic design

The food industry continues to make rapid progress in technological developments. The industry has a strong tendency toward decentralization — not only in upstream and downstream processes, but also in the highly […]

Linde demonstrated its virtual reality application developed for visualisation and training operators

Visitors to Gastech 2017 was able to explore the finer details of an industrial-scale plant first hand before it has even been constructed. The Engineering Division within The Linde Group showcased a […]

Stäubli Electrical Connectors partners with Power-Blox to develop innovative energy storage systems

Stäubli Electrical Connectors (formerly Multi-Contact), the pioneer and global market leader in electrical connectors for Photovoltaic solutions, and Power-Blox the award-winning Swiss start-up enter into a strategic partnership for innovative energy storage […]

HARTING presents new M8 in D-coded product addressing the trend for miniaturisation

Manufacturers of industrial devices have been following the trend for miniaturisation for some time now, but what if they can’t make their product smaller because the required connector is too big? HARTING […]

LINAK introduces its new HC30 hand control for advanced adjustable beds

The HC30 is a wireless, user-friendly and ergonomic hand control. With memory and Under Bed Light, it is perfect for advanced adjustable bed solutions. Ergonomic design and functionality were on top of […]

Rittal’s standardised data-centre architectures enable rapid and flexible deployment

The fourth industrial revolution, the Internet of Things and big data analytics call for flexible IT resources. Rittal’s standardised data centre designs and containers allow the rapid, flexible implementation of scalable IT […]

Beckhoff now offers OPC UA Pub/Sub UDP communication integration with TwinCAT 3 runtime

Direct integration of OPC UA Pub/Sub UDP communication into the TwinCAT 3 runtime paves the way for straightforward configuration of publishers and subscribers, as well as exchange of data in real-time. With […]

Murrelektronik releases new version of Emparro® 3-phase for usage in AS interface applications

Murrelektronik’s Emparro® 3-phase switch mode power supplies are tried and tested components in premium power supply systems. They are extremely reliable, extraordinarily efficient and particularly compact. The latest Emparro® version has been […]

Advantech releases world’s first RISC-based Mini-ITX motherboard

Advantech, a global leader in embedded computing, announces the launch of RSB-6410, the world’s first RISC-based Mini-ITX motherboard which drives up to three 1080P displays powered by an NXP i.MX6D/Q Cortex-A9 1.0GHz […]