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KSB SupremeServ uses reproduction process to fullfil urgent demands for needed spare parts

The measures currently in force to combat the coronavirus are having an impact on the economy worldwide as production facilities often lack urgently needed spare parts. KSB helps in case of emergencies […]

Calpeda expands its MP series pumps with the new MP 204 and MP 403 models

The MP series pumps made by Calpeda are submersible multi-stage close coupled pumps for domestic, plant and irrigation use. When speaking about pumps for domestic systems, the most important characteristics are undoubtedly […]

Calpeda expands its NM pump range with the new N-NM 32L centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps are very common, because thanks to their characteristics they are perfect for multiple uses: for supplying water and irrigation systems, for civil and industrial applications, for fire-fighting, heating, air-conditioning, cooling […]

Sensor Technology’s TorqSense wireless sensor offers quicker, easier and more cost-effective fitting

Factory automation continues to develop year on year and pumps are increasingly required to supply real time operating data to control networks so that their performance can be monitored and adjusted to […]

KNF presents its new compact NMP 850 HP and N 96 pump

These additions further expand the firm’s ability to support the specific needs demanded by a variety of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. KNF’s new micro gas pump NMP 850 HP delivers outstanding […]

Wangen Pumpen international distribution partners

Powerful in UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand: WANGEN PUMPEN further expands its network of international distribution partners

The companies EPS Group, All Pumps and Prime Pump expand the worldwide portfolio of sales partners of Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH. “We are pleased to welcome three new distributors who complement the worldwide […]

Wilo-Rexa MINI3 offers ideal solution for demanding drainage applications

No compromises are made when draining houses and properties – not in efficiency, not in performance and most certainly not in reliability. The new Wilo-Rexa MINI3 proves uncompromising in this demanding drainage […]

NPK 06 KNF Neuberger AG


At this year’s analytica, KNF is presenting its portfolio of compact and cost-effective pumps for instrumental analysis, including many innovative new products. One of these is the NPK 06, a swing piston […]

GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft 2020

Go West: Hygienic centrifugal pumps from GEA are launched in the USA

A tough, competitive market, as GEA experts Martin Zickler and Dave Medlar confirm, where it is better to put the cart before the horse to get everything right from the start. That’s […]

KNF diaphragm gas pump used to acquire air samples at dizzying heights

The Amazon rainforest around Manaus is one of the rare pockets of nature that are still largely untouched. The atmosphere there exhibits particular properties which provide researchers with groundbreaking insights, thus allowing […]

ROTAN® pumps

DESMI ROTAN® Chocolate pumps humbly deliver reliability for confectioners

One of the key issues continuously facing confectioners is heat. Pumping chocolate is a delicate process and it’s easy for production to get clogged up, literally. Pumps that operate too fast or […]

WANGEN’s BIO-MIX progressing cavity pump and X-UNIT system attracted visitors at the IE expo 2019

IE expo 2019: Chinese visitors to the trade fair showed great interest in WANGEN pumps for biogas, waste water treatment and environmental technology At last year’s IE expo in Shanghai/China there was […]

ACTEGA DS integrates WANGEN’s MX progressing cavity pumps into its challenging production processes

ACTEGA DS successfully uses WANGEN MX pumps in the production of high-quality sealing compounds. The North German company ACTEGA DS develops and produces soft elastic plastics in granulate form and sealing compounds […]