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Rollon’s Motion Box features the compact and reliable TH actuators

Since actuators serve as the workhorse of so many applications, they must be reliable. When specifying a Cartesian robot system, the overall quality of actuator is essential. And picking an actuator with […]

NORD showcased its advanced condition monitoring capabilities of its drives at Hannover Messe 2016

Drives with advanced condition monitoring capabilities that support predictive maintenance were showcased by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at this year’s Hannover Messe exhibition. NORD employed frequency inverters with an integrated PLC to monitor the […]

WEG supplied Oman with drive systems optimized for extraction of older oil fields

Achieving maximum productivity from oil and gas fields is the prime goal for the petrochemical industry but the extraction process becomes more difficult as fields become depleted. With this in mind, leading […]

Linak introduces its new LA40 actuator

Even more possibilities for customers with further development of one of Linak’s most versatile actuators. About a year ago, Linak launched what is called “an actuator with a unique combination of features”. […]

WEG to debut its WG20 highly versatile modular geared motor at Hannover Messe 2016

WEG, a leading global manufacturer of motor and drive technology, is launching the WG20, a new range of highly versatile modular geared motors that offer worldwide interchangeability and up to 96% energy […]

UMC-750SS universal machining center by Haas allows rapid machining of 5-axis parts

Haas Automation expands its line of universal machining centers with the UMC-750SS, a Super-Speed version that offers high performance and speed for quickly machining 5-sided (3+2) and simultaneous 5-axis parts. The UMC-750SS […]

Kollmorgen expands its direct drive torque motors with new TBM frameless motor series

The TBM frameless motor is a new series of direct drive torque motors designed for applications that require high power in a small compact form factor with minimized weight, and inertia. Typical […]

Baumüller DST2 high-torque motors now have two new installation sizes

Nuremberg drive specialist Baumüller expands the torque range of their DST2 high-torque motors with two new (installation) sizes. With the new (installation) sizes 500 and 650, the manufacturer covers now a range […]

Z-Theta system features effective helical motion path implementation

Catalyst Motion GroupTM, a Haydon Kerk motion system integrator, has created a Z-Theta system capability utilizing in-house branded products. Z-Theta systems offer a compact and effective package to achieve a rotary axis […]

Baumüller’s new b maXX 2500 drive features low wiring outlay and high flexibility

Baumüller, the manufacturer of drive and automation technology from Nuremberg, is supplementing its decentralized b maXX 2500 drive system with a new frame size. In its b maXX 2500 drive concept, the […]

FAULHABER releases new SR series metal brush commutated motors

FAULHABER has launched a new generation of metal brush commutated motors, the 1024…SR series with a diameter of 10mm. In combination with a gearhead, its output torque can achieve 300 mNm, twice that […]

WEG’s new SM40 motor helps reduce costs in energy-intensive applications

WEG, a leading global manufacturer of drive technology, has introduced a new series of robust and efficient synchronous motors, the SM40 series, for the power range from 5 to 35 MW. The […]

FAULHABER includes new DC-micromotor to its CXR series

FAULHABER is expanding its range of drives in the medium power range with the new 1727…CXR DC-micromotor, and is adding an extremely compact drive to the CXR series. A powerful neodymium magnet […]